S e l e c t e d  W o r k s

Communion, Bodecker, May 2021

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Communion is a movement based performance piece that tells the story of awakening through the eyes of those who came before. It blends pattern language and sensual ritual honoring the embodiment of ancestral reckoning.

Becoming a Body, PICA, October 2019

Monologue ︎︎︎

Becoming a Body served as the artist’s debut solo performance. This installation featured light, sound, movement, and prose as means to explore existential themes of nature, law, and impermanence.

Remembering, RACC, November 2020

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Commissioned by the City of Portland, Remembering, is a meditation on ancestral reclamation. Using ritual, prayer, and intuited forms of divination, this piece was birthed out of a desire to connect us back to our roots. This painting connects threads between remembering / imagining.

Play, Pink Noise, March 2021

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Play features the debut single from experimental noise trio Glo-Torch. The film debuted at the fourth annual Pink Noise festival and speaks to the liminal experience of trans identity. 

Saudade, Office of Virtue, September 2019

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Saudade weaves memory, place, and matter as forms of transformation. This multi-sensory installation explores the sentiment of nostalgia and how history is transmitted across lineage through media.

Ilios, Worldwide, June 2017

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Ilios is an interactive multi-sensory installation created by Jonathon Mooney and Tiana Garoogian. This piece involves three custom built geometric shapes embedded with infrared sensors housed in a completely mirrored geodesic dome. Each shape is programmed with different sonic and light qualities creating a completely unique light and sound collage based on user interaction.