Selected Works

Becoming a Body, PICA, October 2019

Performance ︎︎︎

Weaving light, sound, movement, and prose this time based performance explores themes of existence, law, and longing.

Communion, Bodecker, May 2021

Performance ︎︎︎

This performance blends pattern language with sensual ritual honoring the embodiment of ancestral reckoning.

Remembering, RACC, November 2020

Painting ︎︎︎

Commissioned by the City of Portland, Remembering, is a meditation on ancestral reclamation.

Saudade, Office of Virtue, September 2019

Installation ︎︎︎

Saudade connects memory, matter, and place. Exhibited at Office of Virtue, this multi-sensory installation featured archival footage from the artists lineage exploring how wisdom is transmitted through media.